Week of July 23, 2017


Friends in Christ:

Back in early June we began our summer worship schedule of three services:  7:30 a.m., 8:30 a.m., and 10:00 a.m.  Next month, on Sunday, August 20, we will experiment with a new regular Sunday morning worship and education schedule.  Our plan is to live with this new schedule through December and evaluate it in January.

The Session, at its July 18 meeting, decided that our new schedule will offer three varied fifty-minute services:

8:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary with communion

9:00 a.m. New Stone Gathering in Fellowship Hall

10:00 a.m. Sunday School Hour

11:15 a.m. in the Sanctuary

In our recent history we have experimented with numerous schedules.  We have gone from one to two services, from two to three, from three to four, and from four to three.  I can recall when we experimented with a Saturday evening service as well as a Sunday evening service.

Our leadership’s goal has always been to engage people in worship that glorifies God and spiritually nourishes people.  Worship is the one place where we gather publicly in the company of other Jesus followers to praise God and be present for what God may have for us.  Quite frankly, there’s no substitute for worship.

Our new schedule is the result of deep thought, long conversations, and persistent prayer on the part of our elected leadership, the Session.  It is a departure from the status quo.  There are now three services instead of four.  We listened long and hard to the information people shared with our Congregation Worship Team and with Session members and me personally.

This Sunday, at 11:15 a.m. in Loudoun Hall, we will hold a forum to talk further about the new worship schedule and invite those who participate in the forum to share what they value most about worship at First Presbyterian Church.  My aspiration is to craft worship that honors God as well as our values as a congregation.

Change, although a constant in everything, can nonetheless be unsettling at times.  Transition is what we do with and about and through change.  Pray for us as we pray for you.  Together we will get to where God wants us.

Please know that my door is always open.  I want and need to hear from you.  I can’t promise that I’ll always do what you want.  My guess is that you can’t promise to always do what I want.  But I can promise that I will listen carefully to everything you have to say.  And together, we’ll seek and serve what God wants.




 Greetings Everyone!

This Sunday, July 23rd, is the 7th Sunday after Pentecost. The Scripture reading is Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43, and the sermon title is “Weeds and Wheat”.  Dan McCoig will preach in all three of the morning’s worship services.

The 8:30 a.m. Fellowship Hall service will feature bluegrass gospel music. Music in the Sanctuary will be led by Cris Fazenbaker, soprano

NEW MEMBERS: We are delighted to welcome into our congregation the following new members: Chris Armstrong, Sam Kerns, Wendy Kerns, Steve Rader, Lisa Rader, Josh Rader, Bekah Rader, Matt Rader, Brandon Taylor, Derrick Rosslee, Carina Rosslee, and Mariellen Schwentker. Please introduce yourself and welcome them when you see them!


8:30: Jessica & Allie Swiger

10:00: WOW Room for Children 2 and under: Amy Bowman;

Children ages 3 in up go to Stine Room for Summer Sunday School.

SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL FOR KIDS is intended for children age 3– 5th grade and will be held in the Stine Room today and each Sunday.  It will be at the same time as the 10:00 a.m. sanctuary worship service, and children should be dropped off before worship begins.  There will be no children’s moment at 10:00 am while there is Summer Sunday School.

CCAP SCHOOL SUPPLY SUNDAY—JULY 23, 2017:  Local schools begin in mid-August!  Please help students in need have the supplies they will need to have a good start! Basic supplies to begin the school year can cost $40 – $60. CCAP will be giving away donated school supplies at the CCAP building on Kent Street on Friday & Saturday, July 28 & 29 from 8:30 – Noon. Please help local students be prepared by bringing school supplies to Church and placing them in the CCAP bins. Items will be taken to CCAP to be given to families in need. Over 700 students received school supplies last year! If each Church family brings a few needed items, we will provide a blessing to the most important people in our community – THE KIDS!  Needed Items:  new book bags, spiral notebooks, 3 ring binders, pens, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, highlighters, markers, scissors, bottled glue, glue sticks, pocket folders, loose leaf paper, and erasers.

DID YOU KNOW that Turkey hosts over 2.9 million UNCHC Registered Syrians?  The majority of them live in urban areas, with around 260,000 accommodated in the 21 government-run refugee camps.

CELEBRATION FOR PAT SNAPP NEXT SUNDAY, JULY 30: After thirty-six years of dedicated service to First Presbyterian Church Pat Snapp has announced her well-deserved retirement.  Her last day of work will be July 28.  Pat is a friend to many. She has watched our children be born, married and even knows the grandchildren!  We will miss her but we celebrate this special occasion.  On Sunday, July 30, there will be a reception in the fellowship hall to honor Pat. It will begin at eleven o’clock following the Sanctuary Service.  We hope you can join us in celebrating Pat and thanking her for a job well done!


* Administrative Assistant to the Staff  Provide administrative and clerical support to the pastors, lay leaders, program staff, and church volunteers, including congregational and business life of the church as well as Sunday school classes, ministry and outreach programs, retreats and meetings.  Full-time position, competitive salary with benefits.  For additional information about this position, to submit a resume, or to refer someone, please contact Dan McCoig, pastor, at dan@fpcwinc.org.

* Interim Youth Director to lead and support the comprehensive programming for growth and faith development of children from grades 5-12.  For additional information about the position or to submit a resume or to refer someone, please contact Ann Burkholder, the leader of our Staff Relations Team, at annburkholder@gmail.com.

*Weekday School Chapel Teacher FPC is seeking to hire someone of our congregation to provide leadership for the Weekday School Chapel program.  We are looking for an individual with a love for children, experience in teaching, and a desire to minister to preschool children.  The chapel teacher not only has the opportunity to share the stories of the Bible to children, but to create an environment where kids can wonder about God and experience God’s presence.  Chapel occurs two weekday mornings per week two weeks out of each month, which is in addition to preparation time.  If you would like more information about the position, contact Todd Bowman, (540) 662-3824todd@fpcwinc.org.

THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE is looking for folks to serve on the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee.  If you would like to serve, please contact Marsha Barley atmbbb11@comcast.net or Lynn McCauley at lmccauley@winchesterim.com.

 SUMMER BLOOD DRIVE:  First Presbyterian Church will conduct its summer blood drive on Monday, August 7, in the Fellowship Hall 2:00pm – 7:00pm.  You may sign up online at https://donateblood.vablood.org or a paper signup sheet will be located on a table outside the sanctuary in the gathering space.  Appointments are available every 15 minutes during the schedule.  Your assistance is needed to help restock our blood supply during the summer months when demand for blood runs higher than other times during the year.  Spend just a few minutes and give the gift of life.  So far, we only have a handful of donors signed up.  We really need your help!  To contact Pam or Glenn, parish nurses, their email address is: parishnurse@fpcwinc.org or you can leave a message for them at 540-662-3824.

STEPHEN MINISTRY:  Illness. The doctor called. More tests. It’s been dragging on so long already. The whole family is feeling the strain. Illness…Are you or someone you care for going into the hospital?  A Stephen Minister would like to be there for you, both now and during your recovery.  A Stephen Minister will listen and help you find the resources to make it through this difficult time. For more information call First Presbyterian Church to speak with one of our Pastors 540-662-3824, or a Stephen Minister Leader Jan Smith 540-662-7979, Patti Keeton 513-490-5677, Sandy Cleaver 540-550-3584 www.stephenministries.org

PHOTOS FOR AN UPDATED DIRECTORY:  Photographers from Lifetouch will be helping FPC create a new church directory in the Donegal House from August 14 to 16, September 7 to 9, and September 15 to 16.  On weekdays, have your picture taken between 1:30 and 9:00 pm. On Saturdays, photographers will be available between 9:30 and 4:00 pm.   Please sign up on the list in the gathering space.

HOSPITAL: If you know of friends or family who are in the hospital, please let the church office know at info@fpcwinc.org or 662-3824.

FLOWER DATE OPENINGS:  Sundays, September 3, October 1, and December 3 are available if you would like to place flowers on the worship center in the sanctuary either in memory of a loved one or in honor of someone special.  If interested, please contact the church office.


Monday:  Psalms 135 & 145; I Samuel 24:1-22; Acts 13:44-52, Mark 4:1-20; Psalms 97 & 112

Tuesday:  Psalms 123 & 146; I Samuel 25:1-22; Acts 14:1-18; Mark 4:21-34; Psalms 30 & 86

Wednesday:  Psalms 15 & 147:1-11; I Samuel 25:23-44; Acts 14:19-28; Mark 4:35-41;

                   Psalms 48:4

Thursday:  Psalms 36 & 147:12-20; I Samuel 28:3-20; Acts 15:1-11; Mark 5:1-20;

                   Psalms 80:27

Friday:  Psalms 130; 148; I Samuel 31:1-13; Acts 15:12-21; Mark 5:4-43; Psalms 32:139

Saturday:  Psalms 56; 149; 2 Samuel 1:1-16; Acts 15:22-35; Mark 6:1-13; Psalms 118:111

Hope to see you at church!

Beth Kane

Leader of Welcome Ministry





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