News & Events

There are many ways to receive announcements and information about upcoming events:

– The worship bulletin each week has announcements about events taking place in the life of the church.

– Frequent moments for mission at the start of the worship services provide a more in depth picture of one of our many mission outreaches.

– Our evangelism coordinator, Beth Kane, sends out e-notices every Friday with all the announcements found in the bulletin plus some additional special announcements.  To receive the e-notices please contact Beth.

– Our newsletter, The Chatter, goes out electronically at the start of each month.

– Our Children’s ministry and Youth ministry send out their own weekly emails with information about events, and occasionally send out mailings (contact Todd Bowman for Children’s ministry or Maren Spray  for Youth ministry to receive emails and mailings).

– The First Presbyterian Facebook page has up to date information about events and worship services.

– Within the church building there are numerous bulletin boards which display information about Sunday school activities, mission and outreach efforts, and community events taking place in the church or elsewhere.  There is also a mission kiosk located in the Gathering Space with lots of information about our missionaries, organizations that we support, and local mission activities (this is where you can sign up to serve out our weekly soup kitchen, Jubilee Kitchen).