Safe Sanctuaries Training

Ideally, we encourage volunteers and staff to attend a training offered at the church.  We believe that those experiences are most beneficial because the trainee receives the benefit of discussion with the trainer and other participants as a part of the experience.  However, we wanted to also offer a version of training that can be completed at home in order to help everyone complete the training when it is not possible to attend a session in person.

To complete your training this way:

1) watch the video, and email to verify you saw it in its entirety

2) complete the appropriate paperwork found below and return to Todd Bowman, Maren Spray, or Jennifer White


Forms Required for all volunteers
Safe Sanctuaries Volunteer Application
SAFE SANCTUARY POLICY APPROVED March 15 2016 (Page 6 is a policy consent form to complete and sign)

Extra Form Required only  for staff and volunteers asked to specifically to complete this form in a specialized role like (confirmation mentor, Bible Study childcare provider, etc.)

Form Required for all volunteers being asked to drive a church owned vehicle