Church Leadership

The word “presbyterian” means governed or ruled by elders.  First Presbyterian Church is governed by the Session, which is made up of fifteen persons, who are elected by the congregation to serve as ruling elders, and the three pastors, who are elected by the congregation to serve as teaching elders.  The Session has the responsibility and authority for governing the work of the church on behalf of the congregation.

2017 Session

Rev. Dr. Dan McCoig, Moderator
Lynn McCauley, Clerk
Ron Miller, Treasurer

Administration Council
Moderator – Barry Carper
Vice Moderator – Kathy Wetsel
Lynn Miller

Congregational Life
Moderator – Anita Jenkins
Vice Moderator – Sara Gardner
Elizabeth Barley

Facilities Council
Moderator – William Aikens
Vice Moderator – Ray Hillyard
Tom Scully

Mission Council
Moderator – Patti Keeton
Vice Moderator – John Fisher
Rossi Selzer

Worship & Discipleship
Moderator – Dennis Painter
Vice Moderator – Gordon Stearns
Fran Jeffries

Investment Committee Members:

Class of 2017 – Dawn Snow
Class of 2018 – Brad Felix
Class of 2019 – Susan Kagey
Class of 2020 – Mike Thompson
Class of 2021 – Gar Sydnor

If you would like to contact our church leadership, you may send an email to  Your email will be directed to the appropriate person or group.