Meet Our Team

Rev. Michael Hafele
  • Interim Pastor/Head of Staff Ext. 24
Rev. Amanda Maguire Thomas
  • Associate Pastor Ext. 16
Colleen Stearns
  • Director of Youth Ministry Ext. 15
Roger Callis
  • Director of Chancel Choir and Hand bells Ext. 20
Pat Byers
  • Organist
Amy Bowman
  • Leader of New Stone Music, Children's Choir, and Childcare Coordinator - 11am Service
Todd Bowman
  • IT Support Coordinator
Kelly Tierney
  • Coordinator of Children's Ministry Special Events, CM Communications
Jennifer White
  • Business Manager Ext. 10
Sarah Carlton
  • Communications Manager Ext. 11
Sarah Keefauver
  • Director of Weekday School (540) 662-7588
Shawnn Morgan
  • Leader of Children's Ministry Ext. 13
Meet Our Session


Current Session
Rev. Michael Hafele, Moderator
Rev Amanda Thomas, Vice Moderator
John Fisher, Clerk
Mike Thompson, Treasurer

Administration Council
Co-Moderator, Abbey Pifer, Class of 2024

Co-Moderator, Nan Bryant, Class of 2024

Dennis Painter, Class of 2025

Facilities Council
Co-Moderator, John Volkmann, Class of 2024

Co-Moderator, Diane Wake, Class of 2024

Andrew Clark, Class of 2025

Mission Council
Moderator, Terry Frye, Class of 2025

Worship & Discipleship
Moderator- Brent Washburn, Class of 2024

Vice Moderator William Aikens, Class 2025


Vicki Mercer, Class of 2025

New Elders

Class of 2026

            Jenny Bruening, Dave Lawall, Bob Lizer, Rebecca Morrison, and Gordon Stearns.

If you would like to contact our church leadership, you may send an email to  Your email will be directed to the appropriate person or group.


Elders — elected members who are ordained to serve as the governing body (session) of a particular congregation.