First Presbyterian Church’s Children's Ministry is for all preschool-4th graders.

Sunday School is 9:45-10:45am each Sunday. 


Shawnn Morgan | Leader of Children's Ministry Ext. 13
Kelly Tierney | Coordinator of Children's Ministry Special Events, CM Communications



The Children’s Ministry at First Presbyterian exists to witness the message of Christ with the children of our community.  Equip them to be life-long disciples in relationship with each other and the community of believers.  Provide them opportunities to serve and grow in compassion for Christ and neighbor.  Encourage them to worship the true and living God.


We realize and honor the uniqueness of each of God’s children and strive to use every opportunity available in our ministry to share the Good News in a way that will impact and transform children’s lives in service to Christ.  We realize that children learn best through experience.  The educational opportunities and programs within our Children’s Ministry are current with culture and provide children hands-on learning and worship opportunities within creative and exciting learning environments.  Our program offers children and families a fantastic privilege to be an integral part of God’s disciple-growing program.